Bulgarian-born Errorbeauty is an electro/electronica Dj and producer whose aggressive, tense yet melodically refined music has found it's way out via labels like Crobot Muzik,Combat recordings, Zvuked, Mirizma,Subsoniv Device Darkness Falls, Vision of Art and most recently the excellent Electro Compendium Compilation. A professional flute musician by way of background, she became gradually drawn towards the synthetic, broken, intricately textured sounds that only electronic music could provide. Armed with a knowledge of Drexciya and Detroit electro she soon took up DJing in 2003, aggressively smashing up major raves around Eastern Europe, not least the infamous Exit Festival. Now based in the chaotic yet musically rich atmosphere of London, she's upped her game in the production and DJing stakes and continues to evolve her sound.