Well, it all started way back in 1995 when BASSDROID 808 aka BASSOTRONICS was walking up the street in the urbanization and hearing this constant bass sweep. Ignorant to the bass he went up to the house that had these loud bass sweeps and just said "DAMN"! The house was shakin', pots and pans dropping'!! It was coming from a down firing 15" sub connected to a 1000 watt car amplifier with an 85 ampere power supply to run it. At this very moment BASSDROID 808 was freaked out and totally addicted at how this "Sound" was able to rumble things like an earthquake. Everything else is history, from the beginning of loving BassMusic, to the making of the burning track "BASS, I LOVE YOU", which got a worldwide rotation on any system that BASS involves, up to now with collaborations with Bass Mekanik and others who are going deep enough to touch the soul of this musician.....and therefor: The beats go on !!!