Initially founded in 1990 as a one-man project by German electro producer Thomas Werner, DBS quickly reinforced with the arrival of regular partners who share the same devotion for 80's Miami Bass and West Coast Electro Funk sounds Since its discovery by Dj Hell (International Deejay Gigolo Records) in 1997, the Munich located entity has committed in over a decade numerous classics including an album, 'The Mighty Machine', and three successful electro E.P's, 'Arabian Dreams', 'Don't Stop Compute' and 'Robotmachine'. Multiplying notorious live-gigs world wide, visionary DBS has been requested at the same time for quality electro singles, VIP collaboration and remixes on premium labels such like International Deejay Gigolo Records, Lone Records, Monotone U.S.A, Dominance Electricity, Bass Frequency Productions, DadeaBass / Back II Boom, Battle Trax or Subsonic Device to name.